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Talking tRuth in Harlem – with Ruth McDaniels

I met my new friend, Ruth McDaniels, at a virtual event. She had begun a campaign for a city council seat in Harlem and it an introduction to she and her local artist friend, Flash. It was just a year ago, only days after George Floyd was killed, and Ruth was asked to share with the group of all white women, her thoughts on this devastation.

To say this was a tough Zoom event would be an understatement. To hear Ruth recall her reaction as she was mid-trauma, is to hear her honest truth. I realized why her campaign handle is “tRuth.” To hear her describe her path — from “having a child as a child”, to her continuing education both on the street as a peace officer, and in the classroom, to hear her heart break a little in talking about those same streets — is to hear the truth that we all must embrace.

This is not a preachy podcast but she does thank the Lord. Ruth knows from gratitude. And grit. This is a bright, candid, compassionate, loud, sensitive and funny woman who cannot help but help, and who cannot stop giving, right down to the food from her own plate, inspiring people to pitch in too.

In celebration of Ruth McDaniels, and in honor of the life and sacrifice of George Floyd and too many others lost, this is Quite a Living, Episode 7.
Note: This is not a political ad or endorsement. To support Ruth, please visit www.friendsofruthmcdaniels.com or follow her on Instagram at @ruthmcdaniels52 (even though, as she says, “I have no idea why that Instagram picked the number 52…not 42…not 11…” )